The brand MADE IN LUXEMBOURG is registered by the OBPI under the figurative sign which aims to promote products and services of firms established in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

This Luxembourgish label of origin is granted by either the Chamber of Commerce or the Chamber of Skilled Trades and Crafts (or both) on demand.

The owners grant the right to use the label of origin for Luxembourg businesses on request of either the producer of the good or the service provider.

The label is awarded for a 5 year trial period for Luxembourgish products and services.

The measures concerning the grant only apply to individual companies and commercial firms, apart from non-profit organizations and public service institutions.

The firms that are granted the label have the right to display it on authorized products, as well as on their packaging. The usage of the label for companies offering services depends directly on the provision of services.

The monitoring committee have the right to:

  • grant the right to use the label,
  • withdraw the right to use the label,
  • decide on the terms as well as the control and use of the label,
  • to sue someone in case of illegal use of the label of origin.

The brand is under strict control of a supervisory board.

Within the limits of its power, the council can take actions.

The Chamber of Commerce, the Chamber of Skilled Trades and Crafts and the Supervisory board are the reference and control authorities in this matter.

If the beneficiary does not respect its obligations, sanctions can be imposed on him (warning, temporary or permanent withdrawal of the right of use, penalty).

Any litigation regarding the awarding, use or removal of the Country of Origin label for Luxembourg is subject to the Arbitration Centre of the Chamber of Commerce.

The dispute is definitively settled following the arbitration rules of the Arbitration Centre of the Chamber of Commerce.

The clauses of the regulations related to the use and control of the Luxembourg label of origin will come into force on the date of notification of the regulations to the Benelux Office for Intellectual Property.


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