The origins of J. Weber Tapissier lie far away from the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. It was in Brazil, in the 1950s, that Fabio Pontes’ father took up the trade of upholsterer. From an early age, Fabio was immersed in this environment, which became a vocation. When I was eleven, I started working in the family business,” he explains. In fact, the whole family worked there: my father, my mother, my brothers and me. That’s where I learned everything about my job! For several years, he worked in his father’s business before moving to Luxembourg in 2017. Together with his wife, he launched J. Weber Tapissier, which opened its doors in 2018. Since then, his business has gone from strength to strength.

Quality first and foremost

Today, J. Weber Tapissier offers a wide range of services, all designed to personalise or restore objects to their former glory. All our services are in demand,” explains Fabio Pontes. The most visible work concerns classic cars and antique furniture. But we shouldn’t forget more specific jobs, such as repairing convertible tops, adapting motorbike saddles or even, more rarely, dressing motorhomes, boats or aeroplanes! All the work carried out, whether in terms of working with leather or fabric, is carried out using quality materials. “We make it a point of honour to work with quality products. In general, for cars, we do our utmost to find original parts,” explains the craftsman. But it’s not always easy.

Know-how recognised throughout Europe

Our customers come from all over Europe: the UK, France, Spain… Word of mouth is our best form of advertising,” explains Fabio Pontes. When we opened the business in Luxembourg, it wasn’t easy to get started. Attracting the first customers required considerable effort. People are satisfied with our services, both in terms of reprocessing and customisation.

These two aspects of the business require quite different approaches. “When it comes to restoration – particularly of classic vehicles – our work is based on continuity. Our work on these projects consists of being as faithful as possible to the expertise and techniques of those who came before us. When it comes to customisation, there’s more room for creativity.  In general terms, the customer arrives with an idea of the result they want to achieve. I’m there to understand their expectations and translate them into reality. A real dialogue then begins, from both a technical and aesthetic point of view,” explains the craftsman. We make sure we respect the customer’s wishes while applying our own personal touch.

Growing with your company

Fabio has literally grown up with his business, and it’s clear that he wants to see it continue to prosper. “Now, there are two of us working together, my wife and me, says Fabio. We want to continue to grow. To do that, we’ll need to find the right people to work within a few years’ time.” There’s no doubt that J.Weber Tapissier will find the talent to put its expertise at the service of customers who value quality craftsmanship and want to see their vehicles or antique furniture restored to their former glory!