“In times of crisis and uncertainty, consumers prefer local products” – underlined Carlo Thelen in his introduction to this year’s “Made in Luxembourg” award ceremony. According to the Director General of the Chamber of Commerce, the label of origin is still very important to support Luxembourg companies and the national economy.

In presence of the Minister for Small and Medium-sized Businesses and Tourism, Lex Delles, and the Director of the Chamber of Skilled Trades and Craft, Tom Wirion, 83 Luxembourg companies have received the “Made in Luxembourg” label in the last six months.

The number of applications for the origin label has continued to rise in recent years”, Carlo Thelen noted, and this is consistent with the trend, mentioned by Minister Lex Delles, that “customers and service providers are focusing more and more on identity, short distances and sustainability”.

The importance of marketing was the theme of this year’s award ceremony. Gabriel Boisante, a committed entrepreneur and a convinced European, explained to the audience the steps that need to be taken to successfully implement a marketing strategy. He illustrated his approach by presenting the stages of his very diverse career between Paris and Luxembourg, the opening of a series of bars and restaurants such as Mamacita, Paname or Bazaar, to name but a few, or the development of the Twisted Cat beer as well as his entry, in 2016, to the municipal council of the city of Luxembourg. He stressed the importance of standing out, defining oneself and working on one’s strengths.

To date, more than 1.600 companies have been awarded the label. To be awarded the label, a company must justify the production of goods or the anchoring of its services in Luxembourg and exist for at least twelve months.

The objective of the Luxembourg label of origin is to promote the products and services of companies established in Luxembourg that wish to distinguish themselves abroad as part of an internationalisation strategy. In this context, Carlo Thelen recalls the recent “Made in Luxembourg” week at the Dubai World Expo. “Twelve Luxembourg companies showed an international audience and Luxembourg visitors the high level of know-how, creativity and passion that characterise our “Made in Luxembourg” companies. The first steps to define a concept for the World Expo in Osaka in 2025 have been taken and an event showcasing the “Made in Luxembourg” label will certainly be included.

The following companies received their certificates:

ACTS ‐ NovaSign Lxbg, ALTERNATIVES COMMUNICATIONS S.À.R.L., BB Distrilux S.À.R.L., BEST TOPO S.À.R.L., Bollig Tours S.À.R.L., Business Training Luxembourg S.A., Cattitude S.À.R.L. / Twisted Cat, DENGRAL S.À.R.L.‐S, DIGITALIZE S.À.R.L.‐S, ECOM LUX S.À.R.L., ERLIEFNISWELT S.À.R.L.‐S, Gerne Technology S.À.R.L., Golfbookings S.À.R.L., Heem.lu Aides et Soins à domicile, IEDRS, IMPULSE INTERIM S.A., JOBSEUROPE S.À.R.L.‐S, LIGUE HMC, Logfire S.À.R.L., LUX 3D TECH S.À.R.L., Miind S.A.R.L., MECO S.À.R.L., Meraki S.À.R.L.‐S, MY ROOTS S.À.R.L., Nutri‐Logics S.A., NVN SANEM S.À.R.L. , Phase One S.A., PLUG’N COM S.À.R.L., POUR NOUS S.À.R.L.‐S, Redwire Space Europe / Made In Space Europe S.À.R.L, RSE‐IT S.À.R.L.‐S, Scribtis S.À.R.L.‐S, SELKEA SARL / LUXBOOTH, SPMO Supermiro S.A., SQUARMILED S.A., SZPN S.À.R.L. ‐ L’épicerie du Fin Gourmand, TEAMSOFT S.À.R.L., TORREFAKT S.À.R.L., VMP S.À.R.L., WASCH S.À.R.L‐S, Waves S.À.R.L (Chambre de Commerce)

Anciens Etablissements Aloyse Heidesch S.à r.l., ANM Constructions S.A., ArteSana Handmade Designs (DI LEO Veronica), Auto‐moto école Cloche d’Or S.à r.l., Balthasar Constructions S.à r.l., Caro‐Line Photography (MARTIN Caroline), CFP Rainurages S.à r.l., Corniche Bijoux (Schmit Martine), Diffusion Internationale Luxembourg S.à r.l., Diritherm A.G., Electricité Scorpion S.à r.l., essebi drum (Massimo Savo), ETANCHEITE S.A. FAST CLEAN S.à r.l., FS Energies S.à r.l., Gravolux S.à r.l., INFORM S.à r.l., ISO 4 S.à r.l., Iso‐net S.à r.l., KLEIN LUX S.A., La Cornerie du Luxembourg S.à r.l.‐S, LEE & LOO S.à r.l., LELA COIFFURE S.à r.l., Les verts durent (ZIGRAND GREGORY), Luxforêt et Jardin S.à r.l., MAKO S.A., MENUISERIE RECKINGER S.à r.l., My Passion for You S.à r.l.‐S, PEINTURE DE L’EST S.à r.l., Peinture Heuertz S.à r.l., Peintures Karl‐Josef Schmitt S.à r.l., POWER PANELS S.A., PRO DACH S.A., Roboro S.à r.l., S. Beauty Barber Shop S.à r.l.‐S, SAS‐BAU Lux S.à r.l., ADAM PISCINES (Superbricolux S.A.), TECHNIROUTE S.à r.l., VMC‐Services S.à r.l., Weyer Zimmerei‐Holzbau S.à r.l. (Chambre des Métiers)