“Synergies are essential to strengthen the brand image of Luxembourg in a sustainable way”, said Beryl Koltz during the “Soirée Made in Luxembourg” at the Chamber of Trades (Chambre des Métiers) at the end of last year. Beryl Koltz and her team are responsible for the nation’s brand promotion and they presented current and future initiatives, including the LuXembourg Collection, to the companies attending the event. Following the event, we contacted Jeff Raach, who has been working on the nation branding initiative since 2016 and coordinates the LuXembourg Collection project, among others, in order to receive more information.


What exactly is the LuXembourg Collection?

As part of our mission to strengthen Luxembourg’s brand image on an international level, our team has launched a collection of products: the LuXembourg Collection. This collection includes a portfolio of carefully selected products allowing us to highlight Luxembourg’s know-how, creativity, values and faces throughout the world. In order to expand, develop and market the official LuXembourg Collection, we establish key partnerships with local producers and market players.

Labelled with the official “LuXembourg” brand, the Collection consists mainly of gift items: a “piece of Luxembourg” that will appeal to an international audience. As an example, representatives from ministries, embassies and LTIOs (Luxembourg Trade and Investment Offices) use our products as official gifts during foreign visits. The Collection also targets visitors to our country who are looking for a souvenir. Of course, residents of Luxembourg are also part of our target group. Companies, institutions, or other partners that wish to promote Luxembourg at major international events can benefit from the Collection as well.

What exactly are you looking for with respect to the Collection?

One challenge of the LuXembourg Collection is of course to continuously expand the portfolio. As such, we regularly look for local producers, artists, craftspeople, etc., who are willing to create an interesting product for the LuXembourg Collection, and thus actively want to contribute to making our know-how and creativity known internationally.

In the coming years, the focus of our product selection will be based on sustainability and local production. Furthermore, we want to further promote social aspects and grow our cooperation with sheltered workshops. The importance of the initiative does not remain with the products alone, but we wish to highlight the people behind the products and emphasize their stories. As such, one of our major goals is to envelope each product and producer with their unique story.

Why should a company participate?

The LuXembourg Collection provides a broad range of benefits for our partner companies: As an official partner of the Collection, the producer and his/her product will be a part of the faces and stories that we want to highlight in the country’s image promotion abroad. The story around the product and producer is depicted using personalised storytelling. In addition, participating companies can incorporate the official “partner” label of the Collection into their own communication. For manufacturers of an official product, this can also lead to an entirely new level of visibility among new and interesting target groups.

Where is the LuXembourg Collection sold?

Currently, private customers can explore the Collection in the “Luxembourg House” in the city center. The products can of course also be directly sourced from the producers. The Collection’s distribution network will be expanded in the coming years to reach a wider international audience.

Business customers and institutional partners can find the LuXembourg Collection on our B2B online shop at www.luxembourgcollection.lu

How can a company participate if interested?

The participatory approach has always been at the heart of the nation branding initiative and is thus also reflected in the expansion of the LuXembourg Collection: We place great importance on cooperation with local producers, artists, craftspeople, etc. The same applies to the expansion of the Collection’s distribution network. We are looking for outlets in the country that are interested in adding the LuXembourg Collection to their product portfolio.

If you would like to participate in the LuXembourg Collection, either as a producer or a distributor, please send us an email to: sales@luxembourgcollection.lu.

We welcome any new cooperation that can help us further expand and distribute the LuXembourg Collection, and make Luxembourg’s values, faces and stories known throughout the world.